IF: gravity

February 17, 2007


Fortunately for this rabbit, he sensed the gravity of the situation. He leaped out of the tire tracks before the next car came.

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10 Responses to “IF: gravity”

  1. ElizT Says:

    I love it; such economy. And a happy ending.

  2. Carol Says:

    bunny! great drawing!

  3. Kim Says:

    Beautiful rabbit! Very simple and clean.

  4. Monica Says:

    Lovely drawing! I like the lines, the simplicity of the drawing, yet so beautiful. And I also like the happy ending 🙂

  5. i really like this- great work

  6. I love your bunny design. Reminds me of an old stuffed bunny I once had.

  7. Nina Says:

    I love your illustration!! What a cute bunny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  8. Pati @-;-- Says:

    Nice to know that he is safe after all 😉

  9. Christine Says:

    Cool illustration, simple yet effective. Reminds me a bit of Watership Down.

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